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Woman Walking in the Field
Woman Walking in the Field

Individual Therapy

Reaching out for help on your own can be intimidating and unusual, which is why I extend my presence to you. Through meeting in a one-on-one environment, we are able to collaborate in exploring your needs, desires, fears, concerns, or whatever you may bring to our sessions. This is your time to rediscover yourself, alongside healing and seeking your 'best' self.

Fee: $100/hourly session

Couples Therapy

Finding your relationship difficult to navigate? Has your marriage encountered challenges that you could not have foreseen? My approach to couples therapy involves taking into consideration the patterns, history, and goals of each partner. As a unit, we can learn how to incorporate concepts such as patience, understanding, and compassion for not only yourself, but for your loved one.

Fee: $120/hourly session*

*All couples must be seen individually at the $100/session rate prior to beginning therapy.

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